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Among the several rooms of the apartment, characterized by the simple and modern furniture without any showing off, visitors and students can admire the workarts and the objects of the collection on the walls of the room and the corridors interchanging with a number of shelves full of important volumes. Paintings and workarts on paper, given to the writer during the years by many of his friends

The masterpieces of the museum


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Exhibitions and events

Un documentario di Nico Di Biase
28 February 2017

Educational events

4 March 2017
Educational resources for all
1 April 2017
Educational resources for all
6 May 2017
Educational resources for all
3 June 2017
Educational resources for all


Paesaggio con covoni
Bocca di Magra
Finestra con pianta di ficus
Ritratto di Alberto Moravia
"Caro Alberto, guarda Mario"
Caro Alberto …, 1968

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